Who am I?

Well.. If you want to know about me you can have a look at my website
I’m just an average Age Group. And when I say average, I really mean AVERAGE! Take whatever ranking and go straight to the middle rank. There you find me. Slightly above the average if in a good day, really in the bottom if I had a bad night before.
This is just one of the numerous blog that talks about triathlon, trainings, races and so on. So nothing of special. But I think that is interesting to share what I experienced. From the injuries to the crossing of finish lines.
All started during my “dark days” at university. I’ve spent all my high school and the firsts years of university swimming and racing (at good level until 2007, then just junky races). Until one day, I figured out that I needed something to lose weight.
I started running. “Running”… Just jogging.
Then I decided to go back to swim and I wanted to race in open waters. I started to discuss with friends and old mates of my former swimming team, but I cannot figure out which license I had to make. Until on day, a friend of my dad convinced me to try a triathlon and “in case” go back to swimming with the same TRI license.
I started “training” a couple of weeks with a borrowed bike and run a few kms.
I jumped literally in the race with no preparation at all. I finished the swimming at the top, I struggled as a stupid to stay at the top on the bike and then I “walk” to the finish line. No sorry… Forget about the “”. I really walked. I remember just few meters running trying to get to the nearest shadow since I was melting in that stupid triathlon body.
Imagine: a swimmer with a longest performances of 2min and a half, dressed in a dancing body like a ballerina with a couple of weeks of junky training. I really asked myself in those last kms on the run “what the hell am I doing here?? I can just swim!”
I was almost crying the last few meters. And once crossed the line I was so upset with myself that I wanted to quit. But a couple of hours later I said to myself “what the hack… I’ve just done 1h and half of race.. and since yesterday I couldn’t finish 5km running.. I can do it.. no! I have to improve.. I have to do better!”
And that’s all!
— I have to do better —
That are the words that gave me the fuel to start doing triathlon. That was 2009.
Now I want to do more!
Jesus Walk

Sempachersee start 2012


What I would like to point out is just one thing: triathlon is not a matter of competition against the others (well for the pro and for high level age group yes), but all start from one single competition. A struggling race against yourself. A competition against the words “I cannot do it”.
No one can say you cannot do it, even your body and for sure not your mind!
So get up from your couch and go out training!

FINISH LINE IRONMAN70.3 Rapperswill 2015


Lausanne start 2012

Lausanne start 2012


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