Last but not Least

The season was already at the end since I decided to decline the 70.3IM Lanzarote for logistic reasons, but I needed one last shot. And that shot was Aubonne. A small forgotten triathlon in the middle of nowhere. I catched the opportunity to even bring one of my training-mate and introduce him to triathlon.
We choose the sprint for him, for a try. He never really trained on bike.
Despite the bad organization and management, I really enjoyed the fat race.
Yes, the swimming was horrible, a sort of 300mt -swimming-pool-loop with even an Australian passage.
Well was really hard to pass people.
We both took the 3rd and 4th place but we could not pass the 2nd simply because was too big and he was simply taking advantage of the course.
We finished together, but he lost a lot of time for his socks and shoes.
On my side I was able to keep the first and second at 100mt for a good 2-3km, during the first claimbs but when it went flat they started drafting each other and I lost them.
The race was on.
I was alone and in the middle of nowhere.
An other athlete passed me during an other claimb, I tried to follow him but… God… He had an engine or something! He was simply claimbing everything without opening even his mouth!
The bike course was really fun.
Up & down continuously! And I still had the same frightened feeling when the road started turning too much.
That actually cost me other two positions.
But still, I really enjoyed the bike course because I knew the roads since I used to train there and because the view was really lovely.
I was 6th after the t2.
I started running and in my mind I set one single word “run buddy run! Because Giacomo is coming!”
Yes, I knew that my mate was really good in running and I didn’t know how far I left him.
I ran with all I got and I pushed so hard that I was really surprised if the result.
The run was lovely.
A bit hotty… Too much actually, with few stations. But I was so motivated that I ran really well. I catched even a couple of people (from an other category) and I ran shoulder to shoulder with a guy until the final sprint at the end.
6th place and a good end for the season.
And Giacomo? Not so far! 11th!
Mh… He will be for sure a pain in the ass!! Now that he has been beaten, he will claim the next season! Damn…. An other rival 😉
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