Vevey Triathlon

Fallen into a sort of frustration post-race, I decided for a last minute race. One week later Lausanne I had the vevey triathlon. Really beautiful race, nice view on bike, good on run and really nice swim in the bay of the riviera.
After all I really enjoined the race… Except for the run… Again…
The swim was really tough because just 750mt with almost 500mt against the Sun and with few boas. I think I lost again my optimum-navigation because I was too stressed by the pace. I had indeed almost 300mt in full anaerobic. Almost a 300mt swimmingpool race. And when I set this pace to not lose the top swimmer I usually renounce too smart things… Like navigation, proper technique and so on.
Anyway, I exit the swim in a good position but in frenetic and stressed mindset.
I lost (I don’t even remind how) two of the athlete in front of me and I spent too much energy trying to catch them. (Why? Because for one time the race was draft-legal).
Other couple of athletes passed me on the super tough climb and then finally found the pace maker guy. With him we catched few other and packed all togheter in a group of almost 20/25.
I wanted to push a bit because frustrated by the loss during the climb and the frenetic-swim, and I put myself on top of the group many times setting the pace. Too many times!
After the race I analyzed myself and understood that I ran out of gas on the run because used too mush in the bike.
The run? Well… A disaster! I don’t know if it was the hot, the frenetic start, the frustration of the bad preparation.what I know is that I suffered cramps, dehydration, and fatigue after 2km.
At the end the race went a bit lower my usual trend.
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