Triathlon Lausanne

After Nyon, after 2 weeks, I just put an other goal: improve my PR on the tri-Luasanne.
The course was the one good known.
I had a good swim, as result, but the sensation was horrible. I felt drawn by the waves and I thought to have done the double of the distance swimming zig-zag. Anyway.. I was in the top five. Good.
In the bike I pushed really hard specially on the climbing. The only “bad-feeling” was in the tight turns before the flat part. As mentioned, after the fall, I really missed that feeling of making perfect turns.
In the running the four loops were a sort of up&down. In a sense that I had really good feeling until the first and half loop, then a sort of “lost mind” foes one and half loop and then the last one was really a super fast one.
Result: one minute lost from last year but five position better in the ranking. Meaning that apparently everybody was slower than 2015 but I was less slower 🙂

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