The Fall

I went back Italy ( to be sure that my mother recognize me 😉 ) and I took the opportunity to get some training with my teammates.
Yes, I still belong to the Italian team, but not for long. I actually miss the team effort, the coop, the meetings.
Well, this post is not about the team, it is for what happened during the bike…
It was a simple a good bike training. Despite the super-heavy bike I could find a way to follow the others and even burn them on the small claimbs.
After few drop of rains we were back to home and somehow on a crossroad I lost the control of the bike.
I fall.
Nothing of serious, I just broke the saddle of the bike, but I was fine.
In the physical!
But not psychological! I basically started being afraid of every turn, and every crossroad or descent. Still after one month I cannot “draw” the turns that I want.
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