Triathlon Nyon the revenge… 

After the IM70.3 is always difficult to keep motivation high in the training (or at least for me). But this year I had a “bonus race” that I wanted to do to get a revenge. Nyon! A triathlon that I hated specially for the run course. The swim is particularly fun with its Australian turn around at 750mt, but the problems start after the swimming. A mountain, literally a mountain to climb, from the swim exit until the transition zone. Getting tired with a 1km running with your swim suit on is already epic.
The bike is not particularly difficult: an  up&down loop.
But the running… Two loops of 5km in the middle of nowhere in the back fields of Nyon. Your head is cooked after 1km under the sun of noon.
Anyway… This year I wanted a revenge. I knew the course, I knew the running, nothing couldn’t stop me!
Well… It went on the opposite way.
Starting line in the water: I just touched my goggles… Boom! They simply opened them self leaving 30sec to find an alternative plan.. And the plan was simple… Doing 1.5km swim with wind, waves and frustration without goggles…. I lost after 200mt the front group (my only chance to keep a good time) and I swam backstroke mostly of the time keeping q front position in the middle group. But I was so stressed that I drank a lot. At the exit of the first lap I started shouted to everybody for a pair of goggles. I could not finish the second lap without these, too wavy, too windy, too stressed, too frustrated… Too much. I spent almost one minute saying every “not-kind” word that my mother tongue knows, when finally a gentle woman gave me a pair of frog-goggles. I started swimming again. But the race was already over, or at least the revenge was over.
Finished the swim, I had in mind just the idea to bring home the race to honor at least the effort.
The climb to the transition zone was even worst… This time I had to walk and not even run! I was so stressed for what happened that my body simply did not answer.
The same was for the bike. I was not focus and what was a normal bike course turned out to be a nightmare.
But the run was even worst… I started the first lap with a good pace with the intention at least to give good partial in the run! Pff… The first lap I was almost walking.
The second however went better, probably I was so stressed from the run that my muscles of the core could not sustain the respiration.
I finished actually with a slightly better result than the last time. But what an epic and unpredictable revenge!!
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